Introducing Fresh Wave Lavender: The same odor removing power of Fresh Wave, now infused with lavender oil. Known for its calming properties, the addition of lavender gives a boost to the trusted Fresh Wave best sellers. Now you can remove odors with lasting, relaxing lavender essence. No harsh chemicals or masking fragrances – just like always! Only safe, effective, natural odor removal. 


Have a whole room that stinks? Or a mighty powerful litter box? You'll need this odor-absorbing Gel. Just open the lid and remove the seal. Replace slotted lid and place gel where odors are strongest. Sniff. Smile. Repeat every 30-60 days. (Hint: The odor eliminating Gel will disappear as it evaporates.)

Fresh Wave Lavender Odor Removing Gel 15 oz

SKU: 240792