This Magnetic Stud Finder from C.H. Hanson uses a tried-and-true method to reliably locate studs behind sheetrock and drywall. It's equipped with rare earth magnets that detect nails, screws and steel studs, allowing you to pinpoint suitable locations to securely mount wall decor, shelves, cabinets, TV brackets and more. A built-in rotating bubble vial identifies level and plumb alignments for horizontal and vertical precision.

  • Compact and lightweight; nicely fits in a pocket
  • Clings to a wall via magnetic force when it detects metals
  • Has three anchor points on each side for easy leveling
  • Ergonomic shape with soft grip fits comfortably in your hand
  • No false positives guaranteed
  • 3/4 in. maximum wall thickness
  • Great solution for all your detection needs

Hanson Stud 4 Sure® Magnetic Stud Finder

SKU: 133650