Slab, 10.5 oz. gray, concrete repair, serious fix for concrete cracks, durable with excellent adhesion, won't crack or pull away, easy to apply, textured formula is easy to gun out & tool, saves time, water based, easy to clean up, sticks to asphalt, concrete, wood, brick, stone, eifs, mortar, stucco, cinder block & itself, no time to remove old slab if cracks widen over time, no isocyanates or solvents, green low voc formula is good for the environment, conforms to astm c-794.

  • The Serious Fix for Concrete Cracks!
  • Textured Formula is easy to apply and tool.
  • Water-based for Easy Clean up
  • Sticks to itself - no need to remove old Slab if cracks widen - just add more.
  • Low-VOC formula is good for the environment.

Slab Concrete Repair, Gray 10.5 oz

SKU: 170680