Eradicate female and male mosquitoes before they can breed with this uniquely effective, long-lasting, and continuous mosquito control system.

  • Significantly decreases populations within 15 days
  • Provides greater than 95% mosquito control for up to 90 days
  • Perfect for residential, governmental, and commercial use
  • Easy to install - hang along property perimeter
  • No power required - just add water and shake
  • Contains no hazardous or unpleasant mists, airborne particulates, or spray-on chemicals
  • Typical residential deployments require 2 eradicators to be hung from trees or other objects on opposite sides of the yard, no more than 180 ft. apart, to get rid of mosquitoes around the home
  • Place units away from areas where people gather, as the eradicators attract hunting mosquitoes
  • Placement in shade is not necessary, but it will help reduce evaporation
  • Pack of 2

Spartan Msoquito Eradicator

SKU: MOS00226