• Pro25 Stud Sensor With Picture Hanging Kit
  • Stud Scan Mode Locates Edges Of Wood & Metal Studs Up To 3/4" 19 mm Deep
  • Ready Light Indicates When Calibration Is Complete & Tool Is Ready For Use
  • Edge Arrow Illuminates When Edge Of Stud Is Located
  • Zircon's Patented Over Stud Feature Alerts If Scan Begins Over Stud
  • Spotlight Pointer Shines An Arrow Shaped Image On Scanned Surface To Clearly Indicate Edge Of Stud
  • "V" Marker Groove Enables Accurate Marking Of Stud Edge Location
  • Ergonomic Grip For Secure Hold In Either Hand At Any Angle
  • Uses 9V Battery Not Included

Zircon StudSensor Pro25 with Picture Hanging Kit

SKU: 259704