The deep-scanning StudSensor™ Pro45 stud finder features a patented ergonomic grip to make stud finding quick and simple. It features a bright user-friendly interface to locate the edges of wood and metal studs and joists while being warned of live, unshielded AC electrical wiring. Securely anchor pictures, mirrors, shelves, and more.

  • StudScan Mode locates the edges of wood and metal studs up to 3/4 in. (19 mm) deep
  • DeepScan® Mode doubles the scanning depth to 1 ½ in. (38 mm) deep
  • READY Light indicates when calibration is complete and tool is ready for use
  • EDGE Arrow lights up sequentially as the tool approaches a stud and fully illuminates when the stud edge is located
  • Zircon’s patented “over-the-stud” feature alerts if scan begins over a stud
  • WireWarning® Detection indicates the presence of live, unshielded AC electrical wiring up to 2 in. (50 mm) deep
  • SpotLite® Pointer shines an arrow-shaped image on the scanned surface to clearly indicate the edge of the stud
  • A “V” marker groove enables accurate marking of stud edge location
  • Ergonomic grip for a secure hold in either hand at any angle

Zircon StudSensor Pro45

SKU: 259706