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This item is a 40"x9"x2" plank.  Multiple planks may be needed for your project.  HydroBlox® planks are shipped as freight.  PLEASE CALL 412-835-5780 FOR ORDERS OF MORE THAN 10 PLANKS. 

Questions?  Call 412-835-5780 for more information, a list of installers, or to get help with your HydroBlox® project.

A Ground-Breaking New Material
HydroBlox is an advanced material manufactured from 100% recycled thermoplastics. An exceptionally porous, high strength plastic that can filter and direct the flow of water, using surface tension unique to the product. HydroBlox maintains permeability, requires little to zero post installation maintenance and can easily be added to or reused as part of any future site developments.

Supported by UKAS accredited performance data and independent specialist laboratories, our technology is able to deliver superior surface and sub-surface water management solutions, significant cost savings and long lasting benefits to our customers, their investments and the environment.

Applications for HydroBlox® include:
French and Land Drains
Sustainable Urban Drainage
Highways and Railways
Solar Parks
Construction Site Compliance
Car Parks
Anaerobic Digestion
High Pressure Filtration
Landfill Sites
Pipeline Protection
Well Pads
Tunnel Construction
Temporary Access Roads
Golf Bunkers and Fairways
Sports Fields
Equestrian Facilities
Commercial Units and Warehouses
Aggregate Replacement
Foundations and Stability
Retaining Walls
Green Roofs, Walls and Hydroponics
High-Rise Guttering
Silt Capture and Cover Guards
Pavements and Walkways
Bank Stabilisation
Land Regeneration
Coastal Erosion
Archaeological Site Preservation
Clean Artificial Weirs
Water Reprocessing
Soakaway Systems
Flood Management
Passive Irrigation

HydroBlox Guidelines

HydroBlox does NOT stop flowing water that you can physically see.

HydroBlox is NOT an instantaneous product, ponding may still occur while it is raining.

Yard dry time depends on the volume of rain that has fallen. Appropriate amount of time must be given for the earth to absorb the water and the HydroBlox to move the water.

HydroBlox must be sized properly to be able to move the appropriate volume of water. One panel may not be enough. There is always the chance that additional panels may need to be added after initial install.

HydroBlox will move water up no more than a 1-2% grade.

When using HydroBlox, you must still discharge the water into an area that is able to accept the water.

Installation Guidelines

Double panel installation is highly recommended for most applications.

Hydroblox must be backfilled and top filled with GOOD yard soil.

Do NOT backfill with:

Clay soil

Gravel (unless using HydroBlox in a gravity fed system)

Gravelly soil (unless using in a gravity fed system)

Red Dog




Do NOT use fabric

Do NOT leave panels exposed, unless using in a gravity fed system.

Panels MUST be touching. You can overlap or screw together with stainless steel screws.

MAX gap: ¼” between panels.

Soil MUST be nicely compacted around panel when using HydroBlox for a pressure fed system.

Tamp soil

Additional soil may be needed.

Run 20’ of hard pipe from house to transition box when connecting to downspouts.

When using with downspouts, proper sizing of transition box and number of panels will depend on surface area of the roof and volume of water.

Daylighting end of system is recommended for a faster flow rate.

Do NOT dead-end into clay soil. Restriction of flow and system backup may occur.

As an alternative to daylighting, HydroBlox may be terminate into either a gravel pit or a retention box.

Number of retention boxes needed will depend on the volume of water needing to be stored.

Use of a pop-up valve on retention box is highly recommended.

4’- 6’ is the recommended distance for installation next to a house.

Can be installed closer to house or directly next to a house with a newly waterproofed foundation.

Use a transition box when transitioning to any type of pipe.

When using HydroBlox at base of a newly waterproofed foundation, it is highly recommended to do a double panel system. Backfill with 50/50 clay to topsoil.

Can backfill with gravel if using HydroBlox for a gravity fed system.



40" HydroBlox Panel

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