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The Green Thumb Leaf and Lawn Chute is a tri-fold sheet constructed of high-density, corrugated plastic. This 100% plastic item, forms into a 3 sided box shape and designed to help keep a 30 gallon, paper yard waste leaf bag, upright, while reinforcing the sides of the bag to prevent ripping or seam bursting. Because the Leaf and Lawn Chute is made from a single sheet of plastic there are no moving parts or assembly required. The user simply slides the folded and flat item in to an open paper bag, unfolds or opens the two sides, to form the 3 sided box shape, then presses in on the top portion, to form the angled chute. It is now assembled and ready to begin filling the leaf bag. The user can compress the debris so that they can fit more material in each leaf bag. The sidewall strength provided by this device allows the user to fit nearly 20% more debris in each paper bag, so fewer leaf bags will be used. The Leaf and Lawn Chute is durable, water resistant and reusable. After filling the leaf bag the Leaf and Lawn Chute is lifted out of the paper leaf bag easily and cleanly and then folded flat for easy storage. The plastic material will last through many thousand fold and refold cycles without splitting or breaking apart.


  • Leaf and lawn tri-fold chute
  • Strong and easy to use
  • Made of 100% recyclable high density, corrugated plastic
  • Made from a single sheet of corrugated, moisture resistant, high density plastic
  • Stays open in the bag
  • Unique tri-fold design keeps the unit from folding in on itself
  • For use with 30 gallon paper bags
  • Reinforces the sides of a yard waste bag for easy filling
  • Allows the user to fill a bag with up to 20% more yard waste debris.


SKU: 248468
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